Podcast Ep. 5: Sherif Tawfik, Chief Sustainability Officer MENA at Microsoft

Podcast Ep. 5: Sherif Tawfik, Chief Sustainability Officer MENA at Microsoft

“I had a fear of heights, but I forced myself to enroll in a skydiving course. I have a fear of deep water and deep blue, and I forced myself to become an advanced PADI scuba diver. I’m dyslexic, and I have issues with reading, but I pushed myself into an executive MBA and I graduated with distinction, top 5% of my class.”


Sherif Tawfik, Chief Sustainability Officer MENA at Microsoft, is an admirable champion of sustainability. He was recently presented with the “Top Corporate Sustainability Voice” award on LinkedIn and is paving the path in the corporate world with his visionary approach.

During this engaging podcast discussion, our host, Drishti, had the privilege of sitting down with Sherif to ask some pressing questions that led to profound insights on navigating careers and finding purpose. The challenges Sherif faced throughout his life have made him resilient and adaptable, traits that not only shaped his career but also influenced his perspectives on success and personal growth.

Whether you are interested in making a positive difference in your career or seeking guidance on navigating your professional path, this episode with Sherif can steer you towards a path of fulfillment and purpose.

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