Company Case Study: KLOOK

In under 10 years, Klook skyrocketed from 3 people to over 1,800 across 26 offices and its revenue has surged at an unstoppable triple-digit pace. Klook’s mission in reshaping travel in the post-COVID world to provide travelers with innovative solution and exclusive deals, demonstrates the company’s dedication to adapting to changing circumstances.

Company Case Study: BIRD

Bird gained significant popularity during the scooter craze of 2019, offering a convenient and sustainable solution for urban travel. With a valuation of $2.5 billion, the company attracted attention from venture capitalists, investors, and the public. However, Bird faced challenges such as high operational costs for maintaining a large scooter fleet and intense competition from companies like Lime and Spin. Price wars impacted revenue, and the need for maintenance and investment strained the company’s finances.